Smartsheet assistance.

I was wondering if you can assist with a issue I am having with a project I am working on.

I am creating a timesheet form and I require some sort of automation or something similar.

In my sheet I require if one cell is change it populate another cell with something that is already logged elsewhere.

for example in my sheet if I change the project manager name to : John smith from my dropdown list(contact list), in another column or sheet to John Smith = UK.

I hope I am making sense I have attached my work so far and make a comment to try and make it clearer.

Thank you in advance.



  • James Keuning
    James Keuning ✭✭✭✭✭

    Sure. Two sheets: Timesheet and Contact List. Create each sheet with two fields: PERSON NAME and CITY. Populate both columns in the Contact List. Populate the PERSON NAME column in the Timesheet.

    Then, in the timesheet, create three more columns: MATCH, INDEX, COMBINE

    In MATCH: =MATCH([Person Name]@row, {Remote Name}, 0)

    In INDEX: =INDEX({Remote Country}, Match@row)

    The reference in the { } brackets is a cross-sheet formula, and you create that by clicking the Reference Another Sheet link and then navigating to your Contact List

    then selecting the appropriate column, in this case the Name in the MATCH field and the Country in the INDEX field. I like to rename the reference to something meaningful, but it is not a necessary step.

    Your INDEX field will show the country.

    You can combine INDEX and MATCH:

    =INDEX({Remote Country}, MATCH([Person Name]@row, {Remote Name}, 0))

  • Thank you for the information i will now try it.