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Hello. I have a sheet that shows available material that our workers can "claim". I have a formula that populates the Available Quantity after a number is entered into the Quantity Claimed column.

I am looking for a way to have multiple people be able to claim an item if there is Available Quantity left, as well as put their name and job # .

I attached a screenshot to hopefully help show what I am looking for. The simpler the better so we don't have to teach our workers anything super new. Not sure if I would need to change the layout of my sheet or maybe a new formula.

Any help/ideas is appreciated!


  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    If you didn't want to change your sheet, you could possibly set up a second sheet for orders and use calculations to decrement the inventory sheet. If you wanted one sheet, you might be able to make the inventory the parent and each order a child but that would be difficult at the least if you wanted to use forms to create the orders.

    I personally like the two sheets but you would want to play around with some of the functions and formulas to make sure you were comfortable with using a second sheet as a reference sheet.

    If you try one of these and have problems, let me or the community know. This has been done and others will have even better ideas than what I have shared.

    Thank you,


    Happy to help if I can.

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