Multi dropdown on report


I'm trying to do a report which shows things from a multi drop down list; in this case, quarters. The projects can run over multiple quarters and I want them to be showing in each of the quarter. I have created grouping with the quarters too but it won't show the data when in multi dropdown, only when it is a single select one. Could someone help with this please?


  • Summer
    Summer ✭✭✭

    Hi @fionam_c

    One work around may be to create a helper column that pulls the value from the phase drop down. Then use that helper column on the report instead of the drop down column.

    Example: =phase drop down

    Tips I find helpful when creating a helper column to be used on reports

    • Name the column the same as the column it's pulling data from but add a . at the end.
    • Lock and hide the column on the main sheet so users don't accidently change it or reference it
    • Add a column description to state the function of the column
  • Hi @Summer,

    I require to be able to pull multiple values through on the same row, hence the multiselect dropdown.