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I am new to smartsheet and therefore asking this question. I have a form which I have used to collect faculty and what exams they are administering. One faculty can administer multiple exams (parent child relationship here). This what it looks like on the smartsheet.

My question is , is there anyway the faculty members firstname and lastname could be filled in for all the "exams" they are administering? Right now the FirtName and LastName column is blank as you can see. I looked in the INDEX and ANCESTORS formula but couldn't figure it out !

any help will me much apprecitated.




  • Mike TV
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    edited 04/27/22

    Firstly, there's no way that I know of to make a form or automation to have a new row added become a child row. That's something you'd manually have to do using the indent feature.

    Since you have to manually indent the row to make it a child row, then you have two options for quickly filling in the First and Last Names. The first option is to select the parent row's First or Last Name and click and drag down the little box that appears in the bottom-right corner. The second option is to use the formula =PARENT() in the child row's First and Last Name cells.

  • RSethi
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    Thankyou Matt

    Ok this is a bit cumbersome but doable. Thanks for your help.