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While checking the Activity Log of a cell in one of my sheets I notice something weird. The Log is showing unreal information about changes made to that cell. I know the changes are not real (from my perspective) cause I didn't change anything there, and other users that appear to have made changes, don't have the permissions to do so.

And to add more here, that cell is linked to a sheet summary field, which is linked by a formula to another sheet where I manage deadlines in general. So every time I change a date in the deadline's sheet, it will automatically update the deadlines in the linked sheets/cells.

If I check, the connection is still there and the activity log on the parent cell shows almost no change at all, which would be the real information actually.

Any idea why am I seeing this unreal info there?




  • Jeff Reisman
    Jeff Reisman ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Diego Vivas Some things to check:

    Look at the Activity Log for the whole sheet, and see if there was activity from those users on the sheet at the same time that the cell history says they made a change.

    You mention that the cells are referenced by a summary field, what is that formula?

    Is there any workflow automation that references that column?


    Jeff Reisman

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  • Diego Vivas

    Hi Jeff,

    This is the formula on the sheet summary field:

    =IF([Replicon Task]# <> "", INDEX({HydraDuplicate-FinalDeadline}, MATCH(LEFT([Replicon Task]#, 7), {HydraDuplicate-JobID}, 0)), "")

    ...where Replicon Task is the project ID number and Hydra is the name of the sheet that contains the parent cell with the original date.

    There are automations in the sheet, but none related to those dates, fields nor column.

    And if I check the whole sheet activity log, I can see the same changes in a time the person did not make any other change. So I am seeing the same info of the cell log, which is not real. :(