Calendar in Workapps



I am trying to create a personalized calendar view of upcoming PTO requests in a WorkApp that would only show current user's info. I have tried the following:

Using a link from a Calendar App - Cannot connect through WorkApp

Publishing a Calendar App - couldn't determine who the user is

Publishing a link from a filtered report - couldn't determine who the user is

Adding as a Smartsheet Item in the WorkApp - defaulted to row report

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @abanner

    There currently isn't a way to add a Calendar App to a Workapp and have it keep the Current User functionality - you are correct that the Published link won't be able to determine the user.

    You are also correct that a Smartsheet Report with the Current User filter will display as rows in a Grid at this time, and isn't able to be changed to Calendar View.

    I'm sure the Product team would like to know more about your use-case, please provide your feedback and request to them by using this form, here!

    In the meantime, I would suggest using the Report as a row report and then having a link out to the Calendar App.



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