Payroll Help


We have recently switched our company over to smart sheet for a lot of automation and it has helped tremendously. I am having an issue incorporating our payroll. We are a staffing company with over 30 employees. We have a central grid sheet that we use to log all staff assignments with 2 main tasks that need to be completed to be paid.

I would like to have a central report sheet that displays the entire 2 week payroll. I have already created this by filter and group function and it works out very nice. However I have not been able to find a way to utilize this feature so that I can send each contractor their payroll and completed tasks independently without seeing the other contractors tasks and pay.

Is there a way to do this? I understand that I could create a separate report for each employee, but that would be very tedious as I would have to change each report filter setting every 2 weeks and we have a lot of changing turnover due to being independent contractors.

We also want to provide uncompleted tasks that occurred during the 2 week payroll, and a report that shows previous uncompleted tasks that were not paid last payroll, but are paid this payroll.

My original thought was to have a dashboard for each contractor that when I changed the master report date filter, that it would reflect on the dashboard. But have been unsuccessful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.