Ticketing Solution Use & Building the Sheets/Forms

hello! i have created a form to receive marketing requests. many fields required but many not, as the submitter will not have all of the necessary info at the time of making the request. i have thus shared the sheet with all users as editors so they can provide that additional info as they acquire it and created a checkbox column called "all info now provided". when that box gets checked, it is automated to lock the row. disallowing a submitter to change the info they have provided.

question 1: does an alternate setup of Smartsheet scream out to you as you read the above scenario that would be a better design to accomplish what i'm trying to accomplish?

so with backend access to the sheet as editor, all submitters have access to each other's submissions and could inadvertently change the wrong row. so i then thought that i would make a sheet for each submitter. and create a summary sheet that essentially copies every thing to it for all of the submitters.

question 2: in this instance, are sheet changes bidirectional? meaning, if a change is made in either sheet, is it reflected in both sheets? including comments and attachments? because i would want the submitter to communicate in/work with their personal sheet, but my department would communicate in/work with the summary sheet because there would be too many individual sheets to monitor and organize.

any help here would be appreciated. and if anyone knows of other instances of how to better set up what i need, i'm all ears!! 😁