PUBLISH dashboard to open in the same TAB

PaulinaS ✭✭
edited 05/05/22 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi all,

I have a quick one - I was googling that with no response, I found that some of the people are struggling with the same as me - so decided to post here.

I have a dashboard that is linked to other dashboard - that should be published (so added by a link, not as other Smartsheet item itself) it is very important to make them open in the same tab. As I add the link to open as a link - it poops out in other tab, once I added them as reference to different Smartsheet it opens in the same.. but restricted so not in a publish version:(

Can you help me? Is there any way out to open PUBLISH dashboard from links inherited in main dashboard in the same tab?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @PaulinaS

    There currently isn't a way to force a URL in a Shortcut Widget to open in the same tab - it will open in a new tab as it takes you outside of the Smartsheet application.

    You can provide your feedback to the Product team on this feature by filling out this form, here.



  • anne.danczyk

    I am also keen to have a feature that allows Dashboard links to open in the same tab, not a new tab. I want all of my pages I created in my Dashboard to open in the same tab and not have six tabs have to be opened in order to explore the site. It is not a Chrome or internet setting issue, it is an internal SS issue the SS programming would need to have this additional instruction the page coding. Forgive my ignorance on how to do that, but would be wonderful to not have new tabs have to open every time I and my colleagues explore our dashboards. Please let me know if this makes sense.