Formula not pulling information from reference sheet

Hello Community,

I read a few posts trying to figure out why a formula is not working for a specific column, when its working for the rest but l was not lucky to find something like the issue l have. I am pulling metrics into a helper sheet that feeds a Dashboard and l have the same formula for all the data points l am displaying in said Dashboard. All data points are working fine but one.

It works for Site Department and Requires Follow Up? but not for Safety Tailgate - Any ideas why? this is the formula:

=COUNTIF({DER Tailgate Safety Form Tracker - Site Dept}, Category@row)

=COUNTIF({DER Tailgate Safety Form Tracker - Safety Training}, Category@row)

=COUNTIF({DER Tailgate Safety Form Tracker - Reqs Follow Up}, Category@row)

Note: there is data entered in the Safety Tailgate Training

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