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1) This is a screen shot of a report. I added it as an image since the report name is not listed for selection. Why would this be?

2) This report is listed and able to be included. However, when I select only 1 row to display, the button to "open source report to view more" though I have also selected for there to be no action. Can this be changed?

Thank you in advance for your help!


  • Hi @Marcela Hernandez

    1 . Is it possible that you are not shared to this Report with the correct permissions? You must be an Owner or Admin on the source report to use the report in a widget. (See: Using report widgets)

    2 . There currently isn't a way to remove the "Open source report" button when you are displaying only Grouped rows in a Report widget. Please let the Product team know of your feature request by filling out this form, here.



  • Thank you @Genevieve P. . I am the owner of this report. I created it.

    Do you have a recommendation for displaying in a table of the summation of rows?

  • Hi @Marcela Hernandez

    Are you still unable to see the Report that you created as an option to select in the Report Widget?

    To display the data, you can use a Grouped/Summarized Report as the source for a Chart Widget, however you would need to have a grouping applied as well as a Summary. If the source of the Report is one sheet, you could Group by the Sheet Name.

    Then you can turn this into a Bar Chart on your Dashboard. This would get rid of the "Open Source Report" button.



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