Facing an issue with my Reports.

I have created a sheet which contains the details of my employees. Since I am trying to do a 360 performance review, So I have created a report to add specific criteria for measuring. Now I dnt want all the evaluators to see each others responses about an employee they will review. When i tried to create a 2nd report to assign only the "Current user" to see their data, i am unable to see that option in filter.

How do I get that?


    MVP OPS ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Vinita,

    Do you have dynamic view? This is the perfect use case for it. Report sharing of sensitive info is a bit sketchy as you typically have to share the underlying sheet and you also

    A different approach I would suggest is creating a base sheet with all of the criteria you are looking for regarding each employee. Create a form that allows others to input their responses regarding the employee. Then "Save as New" for each employee. This could potentially be a lot of sheets but you might only have to change form name, and few other fields. You could then potentially, create a dashboard that has each employees form link on it so its nice and organized.

    Then you could run a report based on the workspace or sheets to be able to see all comments regarding each employee in summary view :-)

    Hope this helps.