Ongoing Performance Evaluation Setup Dashboard - Form Won't Populate


Hi - I was asked to set up this dashboard:

The template has been downloaded and the new workspace has been created. The form is set up, and when I did a test fill out of the form, the data went to the "Feedback: Positive" report, (which populated onto the feedback portion of the dashboard) but the data won't populate to the "Projects Submitted for Review" sheet. This means that the column chart on the dashboard isn't updated, either. When I first downloaded the dashboard, some of the workflow automations had errors, and I adjusted them so they didn't have exclamation points anymore. It seemed to fix some of the issues, but like I said, the form data won't populate to its original source sheet. I've watched some videos on how to create a form, but none of them show populating that new form into the sheet and what to do if the data doesn't show up.




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @KatieS3941

    The row can't show up in the Report unless it exists on the underling Sheet (a Report is like a window into that Sheet).

    Is it possible that either there's a Filter applied on your sheet so you're not seeing this new row, or that the row was submitted lower down on the sheet and you need to scroll to find it?

    I just tested from that Template, and if you use the form that was pre-set up, the submissions should appear at the Top of the sheet. However, if you have a new form set up to submit data to the bottom, then sometimes rows that appear blank aren't actually new rows, so the submissions come in much lower down than expected.

    Let me know if this was the issue or not!