Automation to send Alert "Hourly" results in error


I have asked for an Alert to be sent Hourly each time a new row is added to my sheet:

but when I hit Save I get the following error:

I did click on Learn more which tells me:

"There are some tasks you can’t do with hourly, daily, or weekly workflows

If your workflow is set to HourlyDaily, or Weekly, you can’t use any of these action types:

  • Clear cell value
  • Assign people
  • Record a date 
  • Move rows 
  • Copy rows 
  • Lock rows 
  • Unlock rows 
  • Request an approval"

At this point I am perplexed because I am not asking for any one of these....I am asking for an Alert

There is nothing more I can see that would be preventing my Alert to send Hourly...Am I missing something or should I submit a Ticket?