Actually the case that I can't chart two dimensions w/out naming columns with one of the dimensions?

I have a really common data set. Three columns:


The MEASURE can be anything. Dollars, widgets, hairs pulled from head after trying to solve this.

Is it actually the case that I cannot:

Put Person on the X, Measure on the Y, and colored-coded bars for the relevant month


Put Month on the X, Measure on the Y, and color-coded bars for the relevant person


I need to create a column for each person or for each month? Which means I need to edit this thing every month? And by edit I need to edit the source data, and then go into the chart on the dashboard and edit the range of the data?

Is there no way to make this happen dynamically? I know that one way is, instead of putting my month names in the column, put numbers (1 for last month, 2 for the previous, etc), and then in a formula use LARGE and COLLECT to place the correct data. But that makes an annoyingly cryptic chart.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @James Keuning

    You are correct - you would either need to have multiple Person columns (one per person) or multiple Month columns, housing the Measure inside those columns, in order for the chart to pick up the data how you would like to display it.

    However, you may not need to edit the chart every month. You could either select the entire range (including blank cells), or use a Report that brings in the relevant rows each month (if you have the people set as the columns).