Startdate on a Saturday (Oct 1, 2022) doesn't consider it's a non-working day


Dear All,

I just tried to set up a project plan. Liked to put the start date on 1th of October 2022, because our contract with a customer states that projects start always right off on the 1th of a month. Didn't know it's a Saturday. But anyway ...

1th task in the project plan was "Project Kick-off"; duration 1 day.

To my surprise, Smartsheet used this day as a working day, though it is a Saturday.

But the project settings say, that only Monday through Friday are working days.

I had expected that Smartsheet would place the duration of 1 day for this "Project Kick-off" then on the first free working day, that would be then in particular, on Monday, October 3, 2022.

Did I find a bug?

Thanks for any comments already in advance!

Best regards

Hans P. ... from Germany

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