2022 Core Product Certification Certificate?

dmason ✭✭
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I just completed the exam for the 2022 Core Product Certification and I can not find the certificate. They only thing I received was a badge. Where can I obtain the certificate with expiration date?


  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @dmason

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    I think you should be able to see it in the course overview on your profile.

    Did that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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  • dmason
    dmason ✭✭

    @Andrée Starå ,

    No, it is not there. Even on my profile where it shows all of the test that I have taken, it doesn't show an expiration date for 2022 or a certificate. The only place that I can locate a certificate is on the website where I received my badge. I was just expecting something that shows an expiration date since it is only good for one year and requires PDU's to avoid taking the exam again. Is there someone at Smartsheet that I can contact in order to get the certificate? Or do you have screen shots of where I should be able to locate it?