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When I @mention myself from a second account I get a notification in Smartsheet and by email. If I post a subsequent conversation message without an @mention then I don't get any notification. How do people keep up with conversation threads with no notifications without explicit @mentions? I am used to threads in Slack where, once you tag someone, they get notified for every subsequent message in that thread.

I wondered about using the "insert latest comment column" tag and having a notification automation based on that, but it still wouldn't naturally bring team members who get mentioned into the notification group. You'd need another column to capture who wants to get notifications.

Is this the best way forward? What do other people do?

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    Ok so here's how I believe this works:

    Someone @ mentions you in a comment: Notified

    Someone replies to the comment in which you're @ mentioned: Notified

    Someone replies to comment you create even with no @ mention: Notified

    Someone adds a new comment on that row without @ mentioning you: Not notified

    Someone replies to someone else's comment that you're not @ mentioned in: Not notified

    I think it's set up this way so that you don't get blown up by notifications if two people are having an endless comment thread on a row you've commented on before, unless one of them @'s you.

    If you want to be notified about every new comment, you can create an automation rule that would do that.


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