Use SharePoint as your source or target file in Data Shuttle to better collaborate with colleagues

Diana Yeh
Diana Yeh Employee
edited 11/18/22 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

Data Shuttle by Smartsheet enables you to upload or offload your data from ERPs, CRMs, and databases to and from Smartsheet. This new feature allows you to be able to use Sharepoint as a Microsoft shared drive to upload and offload files. 

Before this release, you were only able to use your personal drives in OneDrive to connect your files. With this release, you can use these shared files as the source or target which can be accessed by others on your team

This new update is available to licensed users on Business and Enterprise plans with Data Shuttle.

To get started, ensure that you have Data Shuttle and try it out by going to and learn more by accessing our help article.

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Diana Yeh