Workflows randomly not running

I have a smartsheet that pulls data from a different one, and with this a verifier that changes are being made. This verifier has a workflow automation that triggers on rows changing that is supposed to change a cell, but will randomly stop working.

I've checked the cell history to verify its actually changing, and it is. Other workflows seem to run smoothly as well. It is just this one workflow that seems to be giving me trouble. I've tried adding additional workflows with no luck.

I've also tried linking it directly to other rows to no avail. For some reason, it just does not want to work.

Attached an image with more info.

Let me know if more insight is needed.

The blank cells in 37-39 should be saying Supervisor Review.

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    If I understand your request,

    If this is changes based on a column formula, I had this in the past and Smartsheet Support said that they do not support - Change a cell value workflow - to work if the changes are done in a column formula, (even though the alert workflow always worked also for column formula changes)