When an end date moves, highlight the impacted downstream tasks

When a task date moves out, how can I see all the downstream tasks that are impacted by that date change? I want to easily understand The Domino Effect of changing dates on a tasks on my plan that has the vast majority of tasks dynamically set-up with predecessors & successors.


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @TSco,

    Have you tried the Highlight changes functionality? This should allow you to quickly identify which cells were updated within the interval that you select. In addition you may also use Cell History and Activity Log if you'd like to track what specific changes were made in each updated cell as well as previous values in there. Using a Modified (date) system column may also help you to easily track changes that were triggered by the same action as the date and time should match for all rows that changed.

    I hope these can be some helpful ideas to help you identify cascading changes in your dates.