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This is YOUR space to connect with people around the world who are driving achievement at work with Smartsheet. We’re so excited you’re here! (Learn about the supportive and helpful culture of our community by reviewing Community Guidelines or take a look at our full site terms attached below.)

On the community platform, you’ll be able to connect with other Community Members to get help, share best practices, discuss the future of work management, and get how-to guidance from fellow users and Smartsheet experts. You’ll also be able to directly help shape the future of Smartsheet products with your feedback.

To help you get settled in so you can start connecting with others, complete the Orientation Checklist below and earn your Fully Charged Badge! ⚡️

1) Personalize your profile

Upload a profile picture and customize your profile to let others know a bit about your interests and expertise. (Note: Only logged-in Community members can see each others’ profiles). While editing your profile, you’ll be able to adjust and customize your notification settings.

2) Introduce yourself 

Get to know other members in the Community and take a minute to introduce yourself in the Show + Tell Topic. Feeling at a loss for words and need a little inspiration? You can tell us where you’re from, your industry, how you use Smartsheet, how you’re hoping to use it in the future, or even your hobbies and interests. Bonus points if you include a photo. 

3) Personalize your experience + follow Topics that interest you

Make sure you don’t miss discussions and answers that interest you - explore our full list of Topics here.

Follow those Topics that interest you to get notifications for a better platform experience. We recommend choosing at least two Topics (but please pick more if you’d like!). To follow a Topic:

  • Visit the full list of Topics and go to the Topic that interests you.
  • From this page, you should see a bell icon. Clicking the bell will trigger a drop-down.
  • Choose to Follow the Topic and you’ll receive relevant updates.

You can adjust your notification settings on your profile page to control how you stay up-to-date at any time. 

4) Check out feature ideas and vote on the ones that resonate with you (or create your own)

We love to hear from Smartsheet users and your feedback is invaluable in helping us shape the future of the product. Our Ideas + Feature Requests Topic is a place for users to share ideas and feature requests, see what other users are requesting, and vote on those that resonate to give our team more visibility on the ideas that matter most to you! 

5) Participate in the discussions/Ask a Question

There are a number of ways to get involved and join the conversation around here. Search the Community for Topics, browse the Topics for questions and posts, filter for unanswered questions, or click the tags to see collections. Once you’re comfortable, start asking and answering questions. 

When you're signed in, you can start by clicking Ask a Question on the right side of the online Community page. If you don't require an answer but instead want to discuss best practices and share your insight, click on the arrow to Start a Discussion.

When you’re done be sure to request your Fully Charged Badge by visiting HERE and choosing Request This Badge in the top right-hand corner. 

Welcome! We're glad you could join us. Check out these posts to get started in the online Community:

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