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hey, I'm fairly new to Smartsheet so assuming I've done something wrong when setting up a date column to automatically update the date when anything in the row is amended. I set the column up as Modified Date but if i click on any row as Owner it changes the date in every row to the date/time i clicked on a row (even if i make no changes). This negates the use of the column which was to ensure nothing went over 30 days without updating unless i don't log in. I have checked this with and admin of the sheet and it doesn't update all of the dates when she logs in. Can anyone advise please?

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    @Fialko66 I can't say I've seen that behavior before. I just tested it by adding a system column in a test sheet I created and when I entered 'test' in the Primary Column and saved the sheet, it populated the modified date.

    I subsequently started clicking in different fields in the sheet over the next few minutes and didn't see the Modified date column getting updated.

    Have you looked at creating an automation to set a non-system date column? The 'Change Date' column you see in the screenshot is a date column and I created this workflow:

    I then entered data into "New Col" column of my sheet and the "Change Date" column was updated by the automation.

    Let me know if that helps!

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