Calendar issue when using multiple reports

Karen Webber
Karen Webber ✭✭✭
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Hi all, I'm experiencing a bit of an issue with calendars on a dash, and would appreciate some suggestions or help.

I've got a source sheet for team-specific dates (let's call this source 1, although I have one for each team), and a source sheet for generic dates applicable to all (let's call this source 2).

Then, I've got a calendar on a team-specific dashboard that pulls from the report for source 1. I would like to add source 2 into the calendar report (for generic dates such as holidays and off days, so that I don't have to add the same info individually into each team calendar), but something's not working.

The calendar shows up perfectly on the dash as is with just source 1, and of course also when I add the generic days manually to the sheet that the report pulls from. However, when I add source 2 to the calendar report, the calendar shows entries from both source 1 and source 2 in my working window, but source 2 entries don't show up in either the preview or on the dash.

The columns are named the same, I've refreshed, I've re-published the calendar link and updated it on the dash, but no luck - source 2 items just aren't pulling through.

Could it be an access issue, if source 2 is in a different Workspace from source 1?


  • HeatherD.
    HeatherD. Moderator

    Hi @Karen Webber !

    Have you looked at your report widget's Viewer Mode settings? It's possible that you have the Viewer Mode set to "Their own perspective," which limits the report widget to only the currently-signed-in user's view. If it's a published dashboard, you will likely want to select "Last widget editor" to display the data from both calendar sources for all viewers.

    For more information, please see this Help Center Article, as it outlines Viewer Mode within widgets.



  • Hi Heather, thanks for your feedback. When I add a report widget I can change the settings you suggested, but then it doesn't show as a calendar. When I add both published sheets to one report and make that report a Web Content widget then it shows perfectly as a calendar, but it doesn't have the Viewer Mode setting anywhere, as far as I can see. Am I missing something?

  • HeatherD.
    HeatherD. Moderator

    @Karen Webber

    I see what you're saying. I published the report and set the permissions to the following:

    To test, I embedded a web content widget into my dashboard and published the dash, then accessed it from an incognito window to see what someone who is not shared to anything (the sheet/report/dash) would see. I was able to see both calendars' events on the dash:

    Double check your permissions on the sheet/report/dashboard levels and, if it's still not giving you the expected behavior, you may want to reach out to Smartsheet Support to have the issue investigated further.