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Copy Specific Columns From One Sheet to Another, Linked



  • Sorry, I'm not following the process. Can you give me an example of how this works?

  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers
    edited 11/29/23

    @lola.brooks113611 lets say that Row ID is your unique Lookup Value between sheets. For the source sheet, you create a helper column called DataMesh Helper, and you put a formula that returns the Row ID only if a certain criteria is met, such as Status is Active. Then, only rows that match the criteria would be added to your target sheet. This process would allow you to update your target sheet immediately, based on a criteria. So you see in my second image the lookup value would DataMesh Helper, not Row ID for the Source sheet.

    It does still take a minute or so to update the target sheet, but much quicker than an hour.

    Source Sheet

    DataMesh Step 3

    DataMesh Step 4

  • Thanks for the tip. I was working on something more complicated than I explained, but I was able to use a combination of actions that included your suggestion to solve my issue. I fixed the need for a formula by using datamesh to move the cell info to a second sheet and then used datamesh again to move it back to a helper column so I could use that action to archive the row of data. Thanks again!

  • This would be a great optimization! Our use case involves copying a risk in our project risks worksheet to the project issues worksheet once a risk becomes an issue. We collect different data elements for risks (example: risk score, risk response, etc.) that we do not collect on the issues worksheet. Being able to select which columns we want to copy from the risk sheet to the issues sheet would prevent the addition of non-useful columns in the issues sheet.