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Email Address in Community

The online Community uses either your Smartsheet or Brandfolder account to authorize access to the Community. 

This means that if you update your email in your Smartsheet app account, your Community profile will automatically update to associate your account with this new email address as well! (See the Help Article: Change the Email Addresses Used with Your Smartsheet Account)

However if you have an entirely new Smartsheet account this will also create a new Community account. 

Password Reset

Because you use your existing Smartsheet account to log in to online Community, you must change your password through the Smartsheet application.

For more information about how to do this, see Change and Reset Your Password.

Migrating Badges & Points

If you have a new Smartsheet account and wish to migrate over all your old badges, conversations, and points from one account to another, you will need to reach out to our Moderation team while you still have access to the original email address. 

  1. For privacy reasons, we will need the old account to confirm that the data can be migrated and this email can be deleted from the Community.
  2. Once we have confirmation from the old account we can delete the email and replace it with your new account email.

Note: do not log in to the Community or post with your new email address until you’ve had confirmation from a Moderator that your old account was updated. Any posts or badges made with the new email will be deleted during the migration. 

To begin this process, Report this post using the flag icon with your current account (the one to delete) and provide us with your new email address. We will reach out in a private message with next steps.

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