Smartsheet Limitations

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edited 06/29/22 in Smartsheet Basics
  1. A report must use a sheet’s primary column and the primary column must be in the first report column. Labels for report groups are displayed in the report’s primary column, so if you don’t want to view the primary column in the report, or hide the primary column, then the groups’ labels will be hidden. If you copy the rows to another sheet and perhaps change the primary column in the copied sheet to a column that you want to view in the report then you will also need to make sure that the sheets’ data is synchronized. You will need to manage at least two copies of the same data.
  2. The name of the report is a static string, so the user will only know the name of the report and not what information is in the report.
  3. A form doesn’t appear to allow a user to find an existing record and update any values, and if it did we would need to not only update the sheet that is bound to the form, but also any sheets that would need to be synchronized for reporting.

Has anyone come across workarounds for the above Smartsheet limitations?

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