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Checklist Report


In my smartsheet, I have something of a checklist with all checklist items on a new row. Each item is accompanied by about 5+ columns for "Checklist Item" "Complete?" "Due Date" "Close Date" "Notes" and so on. The checklist is to be duplicated for each new program we launch and contains 124 checklist items.

Since we can manage over 50 launch programs, it would be convenient to have a feature to combine all of my program checklists into one master sheet, with the same columns repeating for each program. This would help us avoid opening 50+ different sheets every day.

My idea is that you could simply condense each program into a single column when you're not viewing it, then expand the program in the same fashion.

This seems to be a common issue with others who manage tollgates and checklists in smartsheets and use the control center or have multiple duplicate checklists for multiple programs.

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
    edited 06/22/22

    Hi @Alex Carter

    Would you be able to expand on this a bit further? It sounds like you could achieve your goal by creating a Row Report from multiple sheets (50 sheets in 1 Report), then Grouping by the Sheet Name so that you have each of your checklists under a Group header. You can set the Report formatting to have the Grouping collapsed so you see the 50 sheet names, then expand out the one sheet you want to work in at that time.

    As long as the columns are titled the same across your 50 sheets, this would have the same columns associated with each program, and you can edit fields directly from within that Report.

    Additionally, if you're using Control Center, you can set this up as a Dynamic Report so the Checklist Sheet from your Blueprint is automatically added in to your Report when a new project is provisioned. See: About Dynamic Report Scope

    If the current Smartsheet functionality is not meeting your needs, can you identify what your ideal solution would be in comparison?



  • Ben319
    Ben319 ✭✭

    I have a similar situation I’m trying to provide a solution for. Did you ever find a resolution that you’d recommend?