What are the retention settings for attachments?


I am a new user of SmartSheet and trying to weigh the risks and benefits of saving documents directly in SmartSheet versus shared drive folders (need to save them for compliance reasons).

~Are attachments saved to individual rows retained indefinitely?

~Are attachments viewable by anyone with access to the sheet (versus only the person who uploaded them)?

~Are attachments viewable/accessible even if the user who uploaded them is no longer an active user (e.g., changes roles or leaves the organization)?

~Do attachments have a habit of "disappearing"? There is a 5 year retention requirement for the regs we need to comply with so we need a very high level of confidence in the application's retention capabilities.

~If our organization were to stop using SmartSheet and transition to another software, is the data in our sheets, including the attachments, transferable?

Many thanks,