Using a form to create child tasks


I've read in several places that this isn't possible but I keep getting so close I don't want to give up.

The need is straightforward. When a form is submitted add a number of child tasks to the entry. Here's what I've tried

  • Create a template sheet and use VLOOKUP or INDEX to update the the parent task, then trigger a workflow to copy the updated parent task (and children) to the correct sheet. - The VLOOKUP and INDEX both work fine and they show up in the template, but the changes don't seem to be triggering the workflow. Manually changing any field and saving does trigger the copy so I know the workflow is working correctly. Tried copying over the form submit to trigger the event. This worked but it seems to be only acting on the copied row not all of the rows with the identified field (New in a specific column). EX: The sheet has three rows with New in the correct column with the instruction to copy the row if it meets that condition, but only the newly added row is acted upon, not all of the rows in the sheet with the attribute.
  • Write a simple script to look for a specific condition in the template, copy the parent and children over, and then change an attribute to note that its done - SmartSheet doesn't appear to have a built-in scripting language. There are APIs but that's overkill for what I'm trying to do.

This shouldn't be this hard, any suggestions?