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WorkApps: Managing Pages - select role permissions at the time of adding pages


Adding new pages defaults to "viewer" to every page. This is very time consuming when I need to add sheets to an app that has eight or so views but the sheet only applies to ONE. Currently I have to open each one and hide them. And when I added a new project - ALL the sheets for that project are automatically added to every view. This is a one page at a time process as well. When I add new pages I should be able to multi select to hide them in ALL other views. This is hugely time consuming and poses a permissions risk that sheets not appropriate for a view are visible. I know they aren't until the draft is published but right now I have to check every role every time I publish.

On this page I should be able to choose which "Roles" to add them to

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Available Now! · Last Updated

Thank you for your feedback! This feature is now available: you can adjust Page Permissions for each Role at the time of adding new pages.