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WorkApps: Role Building


Role Building is very tedious selecting permissions for every page. When creating a new role can we choose between view all or hide all depending on how many pages we are going to add to a role. Also would be helpful to be able to multi-select and apply permissions.

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  • neisdorfer
    neisdorfer ✭✭✭

    The role creation and assignment in WorkApps is very tedious when you have multiple roles. It would be nice if we could just do all of the selection work with the role planning template that's part of the workapps training template. And if we could have a second sheet where we had the contacts in one row and a dropdown selection to choose what role to assign them to. It would also be helpful if you could have more than one "owner" of the workapp so that one person doesn't become the bottleneck for role assignment.

  • Sara Campbell
    Sara Campbell ✭✭✭✭

    The new page add system is FANTASTIC - being able to default them hidden and then add to specific pages. Excellent - thank you!!

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Sara Campbell

    I'm glad the new Add Page flow works well for you! Does that resolve this Ideation request, or do you have specific feedback around Role Building that's separate?

  • Sara Campbell
    Sara Campbell ✭✭✭✭

    Its much better now - further things to consider

    *being able to add someone to multiple roles at a time would be nice - like when we add a new team member. I know groups are an option but those are only manageable by system admins or APIs which means app owners can't really control them quickly.

    *It would also be great to be able to type search page names to hide/view or multi select so you don't have to click each item individually. Example - building a role for a new project - I will add several project specific pages, but also want to add overview pages that go with every project - right now those are unique actions.

    *allow us to select a whole folder like in Reports to add all the pages of a new project and potentially add a new role at the same time. Anything to bring down the manual sorting.

    And having ADMINS is a huge missing feature. When I was on vacation i had to reassign ownership of my app to someone on my team and now I have to email her when I want changes. Its very inefficient.

    thank you all so much. I'm a smartsheet junkie.