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Auto-Archive In Control Center

Paul Newcome
Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I think an auto-archive feature in Control Center would be great. It is currently still a manual process where a program lead has to go into Control Center and run the archiving automation.

What would be ideal is if we could set it up so that (for example) once the Status on the Summary Sheet is changed to "Ready For Archive" the Control Center Archiving automatically runs and executes everything you set it up to do.

It would save time and hassle and prevents having to worry about someone forgetting or dashboards and reports not being 100% up to date until a program lead is able to run the archiving.

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  • kjkonkey

    I second this request! You already have to define the archive criteria, so having to manually run seems unnecessary. You should be able to set a schedule for the task to run automatically.