Need help with formula disappearing in status column.

I am working on building a template that has a column for Task, Done, Status, Assigned To, Velocity, Start Date, End Date. The status column is a drop down with the options of To Do, Doing, Review, Implement, Done, and of course uncategorized. The Velocity is a drop down that has a series of numbers based on Fibonacci numbers starting with 0-13.

The formula I have is in the Status column and it is set to change the status to "Done" if one of two conditions are met. First if the Velocity Number is 0, then the status changes to "Done" also if the Done column checkbox is clicked, the status will change to "Done" here is the formula

=IF(Done@row = 1, "Done", IF(Velocity@row = "0", "Done"))

What I have observed is that this works if the status is at default, which is uncategorized, the moment you change the status dropdown to "To Do", "Doing", the formula disappears. What do i need in place to make sure the formula stays.

Below is a snapshot of the worksheet