Syncing cells across sheets.


I have a process where I have multiple users entering data into their own individual sheets. I want copy from those multiple sheets into a single master sheet. I also want to update the master sheet cells any time a cell is updated from the individual sheets.

I have been able to get this working, but the linking process is manual. Is it possible to do this without manually linking the cells?

Some searching showed a few post saying you could do this automatically using VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH functions. If anyone has gotten this to work, could you share examples of the functions?

Here is a high level Diagram showing what I am trying to build.


  • Andrée Starå
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    Do you have something unique on each sheet that we can use to connect the data to the correct row on the Master Sheet?

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  • Michael Shelley
    edited 07/04/22

    @Andrée Starå On the master sheet a unique MID is created when the row from the sub sheets are copied over. Though I haven't passed it to the sub sheets so they are unaware of it. I thought maybe I would need unique ID's (SID) for each sheet that would be included in the row when it's copied over thus ensuring the master row has the SID and MID to use but haven't gone that far yet.

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