Help Creating a Form to Display Popup Message


I have a form with dropdown. I want to customize a message so correspond to a specific dropdown. For example, if the selection in the dropdown is "No", then I want the message to popup saying- "your request will not be submitted"

Any help would be grateful


  • Jason P
    Jason P ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Vinton Douglas

    Head in to form set up, from the bottom left of the screen drag the "Heading/Description" element placing it under your dropdown field. Edit the Heading field to say "your request will not be submitted" and save. (don't open yet)

    Now click on the dropdown field that has 'no' in it and to the right side of the screen in field settings select logic. Select 'No' from the "when (name of your column) is", in the one below "then show the following field" select the heading you just added/edited.

    I use a lot of logic in our forms to show or hide fields as data is entered, I find is reduces user screen stress as I call it as the sheet behind it is large and not all fields are required depending on the sale type in our case. Keep playing around with logic you can't break it, you will find this a great tool


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  • Vinton Douglas

    Thanks much. Works great.