How to create a task that begins once all parts have arrived?

Hello, I am trying to plan out a timeline for building a large structure with dependencies on hardware arrival. I would like to have 'installation tasks' that have an assigned duration that starts once all of the hardware arrives. Any ideas? Ideally I can add / remove required hardware for each task without upsetting the dependency. I would also like to leave certain arrival dates blank if the hardware has already arrived. This is being copied from a huge BOM so minimizing manual work is a must.

I have tried to have all of the parts as 0d subtasks, but then I cannot assign the duration to the 'installation task'. Also tried to create a dummy 'duration' subtask, but I think that would only work if I could make its start time = latest start time of all other subtasks.


  • Hello,

    Maybe you can work this better horizontally. Try giving the first column NAME STRUCTURE, just as identifier if you are going to work several structures in the same sheet.

    Then name columns as "PART # (1 to n)" and also consider a Check Box Column PART # Arrival" for each PART #.

    So then you can move to automated processes and begin with If a row changes then begin process.

    Then add a constraint (IF) with each check box column and "is checkered" as trigger.

    Then add an action to contact all members of the team as all parts have arrived.

    This sheet would work for n number of structures with n number of parts. As long as the team members are the same. Just as an arrived parts and call team members sheet.

    Hope it works.