Simple workflow not working? Moving rows to new sheet on a trigger



I'm trying to use a simple workflow to move rows to another sheet once the checkbox is clicked. It removes the row from the sheet but doesn't move the row to the other sheet. Here's the workflow I have set up:

Seems like it should be really simple but it's not working for some reason? I could be missing a small detail?

All of the rows are the same in both sheets.

I've tried refreshing the smartsheet & giving it a little time to transfer over too and no luck.

Any comments/suggestions would be super helpful!

Thank you!!


  • Veer Sanghavi

    Hi Molly,

    Could you also share the screenshot of the Destination sheet?

    Similar thing happened to me and it turned out that when you set the automation, the system creates new column at the right, so try scrolling on the far right side of the destination sheet and see if the entries are there or not.

  • molly.crosby

    Thanks Veer. Similar to your suggestion, I found the rows but for some reason they were transferring over in the middle of the sheet not the top. I deleted all of the rows above them and now it seems like it's working correctly. Wonder if there's a way to avoid this?