How do I count the entries from a column from another smartsheet?


I need to count total entries from another column from another smartsheet minus out scope criteria.

i.e. 1st Smartsheet, column 1 Title “Total Sites in Scope”

2nd Smartsheet, Column 1 Title “Site IDs” that has entries. Column 2 Title “Order Status” dropdown option “out of scope”

Solution: 1st Smartsheet, column 1, cell 1 needs to show the total of entries from 2nd Smartsheet column 1 minus the column 2 “Order Status” “Out of Scope”

This solution must include any new row with Site ID on 2nd Smartsheet that I create

Any help, I will appreciate very much!


Thank you very much for any help!😉


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  • Amit Wadhwani
    Amit Wadhwani ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @Rob_NYC

    You can try the below formula for counting the entries. Apply this formula in sheet 1, and provide the reference from sheet 2

    =COUNT({id}) - COUNTIF({order status}, "out of scope")

    Id is referring to sheet 2 Site IDs and order status is referring to the Order Status column. I hope this helps.

    Thank You


    Amit WadhwaniSmartsheet CoE, Ignatiuz Software, Exton, PA

    Best Regards

    Amit Wadhwani, Smartsheet Community Champion

    Smartsheet CoE, Ignatiuz Software, Exton, PA

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