How do I fix a VLOOKUP problem?


Hi there

I'm using a form to capture COVID RA Test results, scheduled for different departments on different days. The schedule uses a VLOOKUP to populate the 'test result' column from the form results and allows us to report on anyone who was scheduled to submit a test by a certain time but hasn't (report if blank & trigger reminder email at certain time if result field blank).

I've used the formula below, which worked fine at first but periodically stops returning results. I've used other vlookup functions on the sheet and they are fine, the only issue seems to be with the form submission. Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong? Or able to perhaps suggest an alternative way of achieving the same result?

=IFERROR((VLOOKUP(ID@row, {Covid RAT test submission form Range 5}, 6, false),"")

Thanks so much.

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