How do I structure my data to show a fixed and autonomous double line graph?


Hi Smartsheet Community,

I am looking to create a double line graph to help show if someone is on track or falling behind. This is my idea:

The red line is fixed and is decided based upon the start and targeted finish date. The black line is data that is pulled each week via workflow and put onto a report. I am wanting to use milestones (blue circles) to help dictate if they are falling behind or not. i.e. The student should be at 25% once they get to 1/4 from their start date, etc.

I currently have a couple of workflows that I have made to pull the % complete each week. This data is then being used via Report to be used in the future for the graph. This is not the issue.

The issue I am running into is how to format the fixed dates and align them with the Report data to create this graph.

I currently have this made to calculate each milestone once the start and targeted finish are set. Along with the dates, I have a WW that I have Vlookup'ed to correlate with the Workflow Report Data. Milestone days is: Finish date - Start Date.

Should I be setting up my data in a different way?

I initially wanted to pull these columns into the same report as the above Workflow report, however I am running into issues when graphing.

How do I format the data via report or grid to show the above figure?

Thank you!

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