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I am very new to SS (a day into using it) and I'm not even quite sure how to ask this question.

I am trying to create a dashboard to see the total number of different types of positions in my company, with intersecting filters. I have a master sheet with a column for the type of position (Contractor, FTE, etc) and a column right next to it that reflects if the role is open, filled, being interviewed for, and so on.

I would like to have a dashboard that shows, for example, Total # of FTEs, Total # of FTEs that are filled, Total # of FTEs that are open, Total # of FTEs that are being interviewed, and so on so forth, for each status and for each role type.

So far, I have managed to create a calculations sheet and have pulled data from the master sheet to show me totals of each position type (but not intersecting with their "position status").

My question is: What formula should I be using, to, for example, show me how many FTE roles are currently Interviewing? I'd like to find a formula I can re-use to mix and match for each role type and each position status.

Please feel free to delete if this post isn't acceptable. I'll continue to thumb through the forums here and youtube tutorials...


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