Smartsheet JIRA connector not pulling custom fields

Hello Smartsheet Community,

We recently setup the connector and the initial connection works. However, none of our custom fields show up in the workflow wizard and all I see are the standard out of the box fields that are available in JIRA. Here's where it gets interesting, we have similar custom fields in other JIRA projects and the connector seems to display the custom fields for certain JIRA projects in the workflow wizard. We've been at it for a full week and still no dice. I'd appreciate some help.




  • Further to the post above, I already checked to ensure whether these custom fields are available in the create/edit screens through "Where's my field" in the jira create/edit screens.

  • Folarin
    Folarin ✭✭

    Faced similar issues. This occurs because some of your Jira project selected do not have the same schema (custom fields) hence, the connector only pulls in mutual fields. You can test this by using just one project that has the custom fields, you will see all the columns being pulled in on Step 2.

  • How do I determine the Schema type of a Jira custom field to match Smartsheet so the custom field will pull up in step 2? I am not a Jira admin.