Intake data-> Project Sheet...Why so difficult????????????????????????

All I want to do is take what's in a row in the intake sheet and have it populate into a column in the project sheet. I feel like I'm making this too difficult, but after much review of previous helpful answers in this community, I still have issues I can't solve. Hoping you all can help.

Issue 1 Index match gives me the info for a different row.

Issue 2 is one of the intake sheet value is a date and I don't want to make the entire column a date. Why on earth can SS not just see it as a text...sheesh. I see IF Error is a possible solution, but how can I get the date in there?

Formula =INDEX({Shelf Life}, MATCH(Description7, {Project ID}, 0))

References: the {Shelf Life} references the Intake sheet column highlighted in blue below. The {Project ID} References the intake sheet first column that is grey.

On the Project sheet, Description7 is the cell where I typed in the project ID #, in this case, 11 (second image below).

You can see it should have returned nothing, but returned the info for project id 2.

You can also see that the date is not working. Please advise you wonderful people!