Incomplete form entries are showing up in my sheet



Is there a way to set up my form so that if a person starts to enter information but does not finish, their incomplete entry will not show up on my sheet? I have created a form to track COVID-19 information, but what I'm seeing are incomplete entries because the person started to complete the form, but did not finish, but later that day they went in and did complete the my sheet may have three entries from the same person, and only one of the entries is a complete one. Is there anyway to fix that?


  • Khasim
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    Hi @NewtoSmartsheet , Why don't you enable the required option? As a result, the user must submit the form without leaving any fields blank.

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    To add to Khasim's excellent advice/answer.

    Another way could be to let them submit the incomplete form and then have a workflow sending them an update request so they can complete it, and that would repeat until all fields are filled in or until they check a box and select that they are done.

    Make sense?

    Would that work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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