sheet summary report not counting multiple different responses given in one cell


Hi all,

I have a summary sheet report with fields drawing responses from surveys collected.

The surveyed people were able to tick several possible answers in the surveys. These multiple responses appear in one cell, e.g. "how did you find the event?" and the answers are "fun, educational, accessible". I would like the "fun", "educational", and "accessible" feedback to be counted by each field in the summary sheet report but currently, only the one corresponding to the first comment reacts and if there's a second comment, it removes the first one, e.g. the "educational" counts 1 and if "fun" were to be in the same cell as another comment, the field would go to 0. Anyone has an idea of a formula that could count all the options and dispatch them in various fields (sounds like AI, doesn't it)? Many thanks in advance!

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