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Translate multiple-select items to individuals rows

Please consider updating Smartsheet so that when someone selects multiple options in a multiple-select drop down on a form, each selection will populate into a new row in the primary grid with all of the original single select information also included. For example, if someone is signing up to attend both lecture 1 and lecture 2, two rows would populate on the grid, one with all of the individual's information and the selection of lecture 1 and a second with all of the individual's information and the selection of lecture 2. This would allow for more easily reporting and organization information based on preferred selections. Thanks!

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  • NasJ_SD
    NasJ_SD ✭✭

    Similar issue. I would like to be able to create a request form that allows the user to request multiple items in one form and have it translate over to sheets in separate rows while maintaining the main details. Part #1 of the form includes the requestor name, email, cost centers, project codes, ship to, etc. Part #2 of the form includes requested items - description, part numbers, quantity. Can vary from one item to multiple.

    It would be great to be able to have it transfer to sheets as separate rows maintaining the info from part #1 with each requested item from part #2 as separate rows. Surprised this is not an option.