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Allow changes to pie chart formatting when using a grouped report with one category as the source


Currently, when using a report that is grouped by a column, but only one grouping is available, we're unable to change certain formatting options of a pie chart. Specifically, the "Use column names as category labels", "Use first column as series labels", and "Switch rows & columns" toggles.

As an example using this report:

It is grouped by the "Food Type" column, which as it currently stands, only has one type of food in it. However, depending on the source data that could easily change.

If I try to make a pie chart using the report, this is the format available to me:

This is not helpful, because it doesn't make note that "Fruit" is making up 100% of the category.

If I change the data so that the report has two categories and then make a pie chart, I have the necessary options available:

BUT, if I already have a chart formatted correctly (like above) and the report then changes so that only one category is available, I get the type of pie chart I was trying to create the first time:

Please make it so that the toggles for pie charts are available, regardless of how many slices are in the source data.

Thank you!

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