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Sheet Reference Manager for Smartsheet Gov

It would be great to have the Sheet Reference Manager in Gov like they do for the Commercial version. It's a great way for us to see what references we have already created and we can then easily modify or delete them as well. Currently, there is no way to see what references already exist and I don't know how to remove unwanted references either.

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  • Sherry Fox
    Sherry Fox ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I faced this issue today, while I was correcting formulas. I had no way to SEE what the current references are. I saw eventually a way to edit them, and I did, and it also appeared to leave the old name and add the new name, so the interface is VERY clumsy. I would love to see something closer to the Name Manager in Excel where all the References are listed along with their formulas in an easy way to determine if you need to Edit or delete. Adding the ability to duplicate a formula (and then make minor changes) is also helpful for larger projects. And I would also like to have the ability to export this information. In Excel, I list all my named ranges within my projects for easy references (especially when building for others). This is helpful information for my development process.

    Sherry Fox

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