Copied Sheet with workflow is copying data to old sheet instead of new.


I'm creating a series of sheets in a folder to be used as templates for new projects, this includes a FORM, and a sheet containing a WORKFLOW.

So the point of this folder is that every time there's a new project the user only needs to "Save as New" and everything is done and only needs to be populated with the new data regarding the new project.

Everything is almost working, but I've got 2 main issues:

  1. The dashboard that contains the widget that is linked to URL of the form is the ORIGINAL sheet instead of the newly copied one, so if new forms are added they show up in the ORIGINAL form sheet instead of the NEW COPY, is there a way to have this updated automatically or does the user needs to manually link the widget to the NEW FORM?
  2. The sheet that contains a WORKFLOW (which is a copy/row function) copies the data to the ORIGINAL sheet instead of the NEW ONE, is there a way to make the workflow redirect itself to the new copied sheets, or does this need to be done manually?

Thank you so much for the much-needed help.

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